Jack London – Martin Eden (Aj)

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Prezentace v angličtině o spisovateli Jacku Londonovi, která je rovněž zaměřená na rozbor jeho díla – Martin Eden.



Jack London

  • John Griffith Chaney
  • an American author, journalist, and social activist
  • Born: January 12, 1876
  • San Francisco, California, US
  • Died: November 22, 1916 Glen Ellen, California, US


  • life
  • lived in the lowest part of society in his youth
  • decided to change his life by intellectual effort
  • his works were rejected many times
  • at last succeeded and became a millionaire
  • fame and upper class life made him feel boring; committed suicide


  • The Call of the Wild
  • (story of a dog)
  • White Fang (story of a wolf)
  • The Sea Wolf
  • Martin Eden
  • South Sea Tales
  • The Cruise of the Snark


  • Martin eden
  • a former sailor from a working class background who falls in love with a young bourgeois woman and decides to educate himself at becoming a writer, so he can win her hand in marriage


  • Martin eden
  • main characters: Martin Eden, Ruth Morse, Lizzie Connolly, Joe Dawson, Russ Brissenden
  • major themes: social class, machinery, individualism versus socialism
  • background: filling its pages with his frustrations, when he was on two-year voyage. The character of Ruth Morse was modelled on Mabel Applegarth – the first love of London’s life.