Brontë sisters (Aj)

Téma prezentace: Brontë sisters

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Tato prezentace obsahuje stručné zpracování života a díla sester Jane a Emily Eyerových v ANGLICKÉM JAZYCE. Je tedy vhodná do hodin angličtiny.




Charlotte & Emily





žThey were born in Thornton (very poor family).

žIn 1824 were Charlotte, Emily and Anne sent to school in Lancashire. About this school Charlotte wrote in novel JANE EYRE.

žEmily had penname- Ellis Bell and her most famous is WUTHERING HEIGHTS.



žJane Eyre was an orphan. Her cruelly aunt sent she at Lowood school for girls. There she met friend- Helen (she later dies). She goes to Thornfield Hall like an oper. There she cared about little Adele. Adeles Father was Mr. Rochester. Jane and Mr. Rochester fell in love and Jane stay in Thornfield Hall. Than they get married.



žWuthering Heights is a story about revenge by the character Heathcliff. He is a gypsy like man that only lived until he was in his late thirties. He rises in his adopted family only to be treated like a servant. He returns after becoming educated only to try and get revenge on the two families he thinks ruined his life.