Travelling (Aj)

Téma prezentace: Travelling

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Prezentace v angličtině na téma cestování. Mám velmi osobitý přístup k prezentování a možná trochu zvláštní vyjadřování, ale chtěl jsem udělat něco „extra,“ aby to zaujalo.


Possibilities of travelling in today’s world

Some say that the only thing you need to take with you when departing for vacation is a passport and a credit card belonging to an account with enough money

Facts that support this thesis:

Borders of (almost) all countries are open for tourists

International and interstate agreements allow people to travel freely between countries (Schengen etc.)

We can communicate easily

International currencies as, for example, Euro

What’s the point?

You will get a new unique experience

You can make new friends

You might temporarily escape the problems of everyday life

You practice and improve your language skills

You get to know new things

You might learn a bit of independence

… and many more

How to make travelling awesome


An alternative: How other people make their vacation awesome?

Stay with us, we will get to this in no time…

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