Šumperk (Aj)

Téma prezentace: Šumperk

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Přidal(a): Andraj



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Tato prezentace je v anglickém jazyce a popisuje téma Šumperk (jedná se o zpracovanou maturitní otázku s názvem Our region).



North-East Moravia
In Olomoucký region
The gate to the Jeseníky Mountains
Desná river
Inhabitants: 27 000


Founded in the 13th century
Its German name ‘Schönberg’ = ‘beautiful hill’
Located on a trade route
There were: copper mines, textile production
At the end of the 15th century, the lords from Žerotín became the hereditary holders of the town
The Gothic castle was changed to a renesance chateau and the town was fortified with stone town walls.

Damaged by Swedish in the Thirty Years’ War
After the war it became a possession of the Lichtenstein family
In 1669 almost the whole town was destroyed by fire
In 19th century, textile production started to increase
The houses of factory owners were designed by Vienna architects = ‘Little Vienna’
Occupied by the Wehrmacht and Czech citizens after Munich Agreement


Town Hall its Neo – Renaissance building (1911)
Plague Column in Baroque sculpture
Parish Church of St. John the Baptist

Former Dominican Monastery
Monastery Church (baroque)
District museum – exhibitions