Jack Kerouac (Aj)

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Krátká a přehledná prezentace, která seznamuje se spisovatelem jménem Jack Kerouac. Materiál je v anglickém jazyce a je ideální jako pomůcka k maturitní zkoušce z AJ.



  • Real name is Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac.
  • He was born in 22th March 1922 in Massachusetts, USA and died in 21th October 1969 in Florida
  • One of the most important representatives by beat generation
  • He became famous mainly for his autobiographical novels.
  • His family was originally from France, his mother language is French.
  • His father often drank alcohol, soon died.
  • He was an excellent athlete in high school (athletics and american football).
  • With the sport he got to Columbia University in New York City, where he exellent writing essays.
  • He was in prison, than he married with Edie Parker and his second wife was Joan Haverty
  • After the publication of the novel On the Road, earned lot of money and spent it for alcohol
  • He died on bleeding veins at 47 years.



  • San Francisco Blues (1954)
  • Mexico City Blues (1955)



  • On the Road(1948-1956)
  • The Town and the City (1950)
  • Doctor Sax (1959)


Kerouac also wrote several works of travel, where he describes his experiences from his travels around the USA (for example The Dharma Bums)