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Tato prezentace popisuje základní informace o Kanadě. Byla vytvořena do hodin angličtiny, je tedy zpracována v anglickém jazyce.




The capital city of Canada is Ottawa.

The populations of Canada is about 34 million inhabitants



Canada is situated between the Atlantic, the Arctic and the Pacific Oceans.

Canada bordres with only the USA.

The coasts of Canada are many islands.

The most important islands are Newfoundland (111.000km2) and Vancouver (33.700km2)

Among the largest and the most beautiful lakes are Lake Winnipeg (24.300km2), Great Bear Lake (30.000km2) and meny others. In Canada there are Niagara Falls.

The climatic conditions have  big influence on settlement. Most people live in southern part of Canada. The remaining area is very cold.

Lake winnipeg

Niagara Falls


Map of canada


Aboriginals, Indians and Eskimos were the original inhabitants of Canada.

The major proportion of the population is made up of immigrants. 30% of the inhabitions are of French, 40% are of  British and 20% of German.

More than 3 million people live in Montreal. More than 1 million people live in Vancouver, and about 2,5 million in Toronto.


HISTORY                  anthem

Canada was a French colony and was called New France.

Canada also became an English colony and finally in 1931 Canada became an independent country.

They head of state is a British king or a queen.



Canada is a dominion of United Kingdom.

The head of state is the British Queen, Elizabeth II.

Canada is federal state which consists of then provinces and three trritories.

The federal parliament has the highest legislative authority.



Canada‘s National symbols are influenced by natural, historical, and Aboriginal sources.

The use of the maple leaf as a Canadian symbol dates to the early 18th century. The maple leaf is depicted on Canada‘s current and previous flags and on the penny.



Canada is rich in mineral resources, especially on gold, ores, oil and natural gas.

Examples of agricultural product grown in Canada are tobacco, fruits, vegetables, oats and other sturdy crops.



Canada‘s official national sports are hockey in the winter and lacrosse in the summer. Other popular sports are curling, football, golf, baseball, skiing, volleyball and basketball.

In 1976 were Summer  Olympic in Montreal, the 1988 Winter Olympic in Calgary and the 2010 Winter Olympic in Vancouver.

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