Agriculture in the United Kingdom (Aj)

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Prezentace o zemědělství ve Velké Británii v anglickém jazyce. Nechybí v ní základní informace, historie či využití půdy.




– 1000 B.C. Beginning of agriculture

– The Saxons had open field farming systems

– Jethro Tull- he wrote book The New Horse Hoeing Husbandry 1731

-1865- James Watt- steam engine

General information

luse around 70% of the country’s land area

l 60% of the food

l2% people work in agriculture

Types of agriculture: plant production, livestock production nad fishing

lHigh level of agriculture and advanced technology

Land use

l Total area of agricultural holdings is about 17.1 million hectares

l  6.2 million hectares are arable

l  the rest of the land consists of meadows and pastures

l  Forests- 5% of area

Arable farming

lCereals: wheat, oats and barley

lroot vegetables:  potatoes and sugar beet

lpulse crops: beans or peas

lforage crops: such as cabbages, vetches, rape and kale

lfruit:  apples and pears

loilseed rape-production of biofuel ( 581,000 hectares of oil seed rape)


lbiofuel production increases every year

lBiogas station

Pastoral farming

lCattle farming: 17,000 dairy farms

1 cow/ 6,300 litres a year.

Breed: Jersey Cattle